Sunday, September 21, 2014

Frequently asked questions regarding the Flip Pal Mobile Scanner

Is Flip Pal Capable of scanning slides or negatives? 
Unfortunately This Flip Pal is not for scanning slides or negatives but it is amazing at doing what it is designed to do. 

Why? The Flip-Pal is not designed to scan negatives or slides, which would require a separate light source in the lid, increasing costs and complexity. What is needed for scanning slides is a  dedicated film scanner rather than Flip-Pal, but these film scanners are extremely expensive.

You can get your slides scanned or processed  at the local photo processing shop or you can find companies with these capabilities online. 

Is there a display screen that shows the scan in progress?
Yes.  There is a small LCD display on the top of the scanner that allows you to see what you are scanning.  Also the Flip and Scan technology allows you to see through the scanner so you can view what you are scanning throughout the process.  
(Screen specs- 1.7-inch color LCD display)

Will the Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner break down easily or often?  
How scans would you expect to get out of a small portable scanner?  Well how about 100,000? 
What an incredibly durable product.  This will be the only scanner you will need for years.
The Flip-Pal scanner in the testing sample made over 100,000 scans without failure.

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